Two Monologues in Upcoming Smith and Kraus Collection

Very pleased to announce that monologues from my short plays “The Booth” and “Post-Mortem” will be included in “The Best Men’s Monologues: 2022,” being published later this year by Smith and Kraus, Inc.

Thanks to Robert Galinsky, Actor Trade, and the cast and crew of “Sex, Death, Love, and Other Improbabilities,” in which both these plays appeared, and also the cast and creative team at my longtime creative home Neo Ensemble, which also produced “Post-Mortem” in “Neo’s Show of Shows.” And special thanks to playwright and Smith and Kraus editor Debbie Lamedman for including these monologues.

I’ll post again when the book is published later in the year, but in the meantime, here are links to the performances of “The Booth” and “Post-Mortem” from “Sex, Death, Love, and Other Improbabilities.” And here also is the Neo Ensemble production of “Post-Mortem,” coming at the 21:20 mark here: Thanks again everyone!

The Pierogi Truck

One of the foods I missed most when I moved back to Los Angeles from New York many years ago were the potato pierogies served up in the Polish and Ukrainian coffee shops in the East Village.

Little did I know that one day there would be a magical truck offering pierogies right here in my own neighborhood in L.A., though sadly this one that I saw on Melrose just a few minutes ago wasn’t open for business at the time…

“Sex, Love, Death, and Other Improbabilities” – Benefit for Literacy for Incarcerated Teens on May 27th 2021

Very pleased to say that eight of my short one-acts plays are going to be presented by an amazing cast and director as an online table read on Thursday, May 27th 2021 at 6:30 pm Pacific time. It’s all being done as a benefit for Literacy for Incarcerated Teens, a truly wonderful organization with a vitally important mission.

The evening is being produced as part of Actor Trade’s Virtual Table Read series and the cast includes Maryann Plunkett, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Chad Morgan, Roger Guenveur Smith, Ajay Naidu, Amber Crawford, G. Smokey Campbell, Reshma Rajan, Robin Gott, Ally Cleveland, Becki Hayes, Daniela Dakich, Antoine Hall, and Nina Decker. The entire production is produced and directed by Robert Galinksy.

Tickets for the reading are free via Eventbrite, but donations are encouraged at the Literacy for Incarcerated Teens web site.

Many of the performers participating are actors whose work I’ve known and admired for years now, others are new faces whose performances I know I will be seeing for years to come. Thanks to the inimitable Robert Galinksy for putting this all together, and I very much encourage everybody who can to attend the performance and donate if you can…

Commercial for AT&T Business

Very happy to say that I can be seen at the 0:18 mark of this clever AT&T Business spot directed by Adam Berg of Smuggler for BBDO Worldwide. Thanks to Jodi Sonnenburg for bringing me in for the audition, the ever-wonderful Sid Levin for submitting me, and fellow board members Sarah Chaney, Ravi Naidu, and Giannina Toaxen for a fun day of work together.

And since we’re in a time when unions and the right to bargain collectively are increasingly under attack, it also feels appropriate to mention all those in and at SAG-AFTRA who work to expand the reach of union jobs and ensure fair compensation, and the companies mentioned above who are doing the right thing, creatively and otherwise, by hiring professional performers. #actorslife #sagaftra #AdsGoUNION

Video Highlights From The Incheon Festival

This short but really nicely done video gives an overview of the Incheon festival last year, with glimpses of all the plays included in the production – includes clips from both the drizzly dress rehearsal and all three days of performances, and gives some idea of the creativity and inventiveness of everyone involved. Thanks as always to producer Gunyoung Kuon for sharing this…