Commercial for AT&T Business

Very happy to say that I can be seen at the 0:18 mark of this clever AT&T Business spot directed by Adam Berg of Smuggler for BBDO Worldwide. Thanks to Jodi Sonnenburg for bringing me in for the audition, the ever-wonderful Sid Levin for submitting me, and fellow board members Sarah Chaney, Ravi Naidu, and Giannina Toaxen for a fun day of work together.

And since we’re in a time when unions and the right to bargain collectively are increasingly under attack, it also feels appropriate to mention all those in and at SAG-AFTRA who work to expand the reach of union jobs and ensure fair compensation, and the companies mentioned above who are doing the right thing, creatively and otherwise, by hiring professional performers. #actorslife #sagaftra #AdsGoUNION