Ars Technica On Clinton E-Mails

Ars Technica always does an excellent job of examining the convergence of IT issues and politics – their piece on Narwal, the Romney campaign’s bug-ridden attempt at voter management software, was one of the my favorite pieces of journalism to come out of the 2012 election cycle.

Even more valuable is Sean Gallagher’s “Ignorance and indifference: Delving deep into the Clinton e-mail saga.” It’s the first piece of reporting on this story that gives me the feeling of understanding what happened and why. His conclusions are not as benign as would be desired by most Clinton supporters, but not nearly as damning as would be hoped for by Republicans – Hillary Clinton comes off as something like your somewhat cranky older relative who likes e-mail and her old Blackberry but who doesn’t really understand how the internet works, either.

I’m far from an avid Clintonite, but as seems usual in these circumstances over the past three decades, the Republicans allege crime, murder, and treason, and all that emerges are a few personal embarrassments or bureaucratic mistakes.